ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Novel highly ice-repellent coating adheres to numerous surfaces

The material delays the formation of ice crystals and reduces the adhesion of ice layers.

Generating clean electricity with chicken feathers

Turning unused waste from food production into clean energy.

Researchers improve all-solid-state lithium-sulfur battery performance

It can provide good charging and discharging performance for batteries even under -40 °C.

Remarkable: An eco-friendly way to extract critical rare earth elements

A new mussel-inspired nanocellulose coating (MINC).

New cranberry-tinted lipstick quickly inactivates disease-causing viruses

Their deep red cream quickly inactivates disease-causing viruses, bacteria and a fungus.

Capturing carbon dioxide with a sustainable new material

The new material offers many benefits – it is sustainable, has a high capture rate, and has low operating costs.

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