Introducing Qube 640, the most efficient LiDAR system on a drone

The Qube 640 redefines data acquisition across various applications.


Munich-based innovator in drones, Quantum-Systems GmbH, has introduced its next-generation LiDAR scanner, the Qube 640. This drone-based LiDAR system was developed in collaboration with YellowScan for the Trinity Pro eVTOL fixed-wing drone.

Quantum Systems is renowned for its innovative approach to drone technology and has been leading the adoption of LiDAR for eVTOL drones since 2016. It continues to advance UAV mapping solutions with the introduction of the Qube 640. The system is said to bring airborne LiDAR productivity to a lightweight drone, reducing costs while maintaining precision.

The Qube 640 is a highly versatile tool for data acquisition across various industries. It seems to excel in tasks such as powerline inspections, vegetation surveys, and stand counts in forestry management. Its ability to provide 3D representations that aid in volume calculations and stockpile monitoring could also prove valuable for mining operations.

The LiDAR technology can convert data into actionable insights through outputs like colorized 3D point clouds, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), and 3D contour maps.

The Qube 640 LiDAR sensor features a selectable field of view (FOV) of up to 176 degrees and can acquire data up to a 32 km corridor. Compared to its predecessor, the Qube 240, it can boost productivity by 50% with its 120-degree FOV.

This LiDAR sensor excels in detailing foliage and tree trunks, and the integration of an advanced IMU minimizes outer edge mismatches. Additionally, it features an integrated 8MP RGB camera that can colorize the LiDAR dataset in a single flight. This eliminates the need for a separate flight for colorization, streamlining the data-gathering and further enhancing the system’s overall efficiency.

The Qube 640 is designed to work seamlessly with the Quantum-Skynode autopilot, allowing for easy and autonomous usage. The Trinity Pro further enhances its capabilities, enabling it to achieve an impressive flight endurance of 60 minutes. With this, it is currently the most potent LiDAR system that can be used on a drone. This solution is ideal for various industries that require precise and efficient airborne LiDAR mapping on a large scale.

“The Qube 640 is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in drone technology. With this LiDAR system, we empower professionals to make faster, more informed decisions based on accurate data, improving their workflows and doubling their productivity,” said Quantum Systems CEO Florian Seibel.


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