Lab-on-a-drone system detects and measures air pollutants in real-time

The detection device also transmits its results via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

High-speed AI drone beats world champions in drone racing

Researchers set a new milestone with the first autonomous system capable of beating human champions.

Heat-resistant drones could save lives by entering burning buildings

Using drone in extreme environments provides great benefits to reducing risks to human lives.

A new Traffic cop algorithm helps drones stay on task

he system could help robots inspect buildings or search disaster zones.

New AI system could determine the location of malicious drone operators

It does not require any additional sensors.

UniSA develops pandemic drone to detect Coronavirus in the crowd

We already know the role that drones have played in China during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, either by distributing medicines, disinfecting the...

Drones can find their way in the dark using sound waves

In recent times, high-tech drones or UAVs are tackling everything from disease control to search-and-rescue operations to delivering pizza, and more. In short, drones...

Alphabet’s Loon converts a stratospheric aircraft into an Internet drone

A technology capable of providing connectivity through an aircraft positioned in the stratosphere.

XQ-58A Valkyrie drone demonstrator completes successful fourth flight test

Flying at higher altitudes allowed researchers to gather data in real-world flight conditions.

Measuring vital signs of free-swimming great whale using ‘drone doctor’

While evaluating the patients’ health, one of the first things a doctor does is measure the patient's biomedical vital signs, including respiratory rate, body...

FlyTech now offering the detachable VTOL module for fixed-wing BIRDIE

A professional drone manufacturer, FlyTech UAV recently presented the unique VTOL solution, which is an upgrade to their flagship fixed-wing BIRDIE. Just like the most...

Amazon’s redesigned Prime Air delivery drone is a plane-helicopter hybrid

Amazon.com, an American multinational company based in Washington, is now thinking about delivering the packages to customers even faster. It has unveiled the latest...

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