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Illustration of long-range active single-photon LiDAR. Satellite image of the experiment layout in the urban area of Shanghai City, with the single-photon LiDAR positioned on Chongming Island. a, Schematic diagram of experimental setup. SM, scanning mirror; Cam, camera (visible band); M, mirror; PERM, 45◦ perforated mirror; PBS, polarization beam splitter; SPAD, single-photon avalanche diode detector; MMF, multimode fiber; PMF, polarizationmaintaining fiber; LA, laser (1550 nm); F, filters (long pass and 9 nm bandpass); FF, fiber filter (1.3 nm bandpass); L, lens; HWP, half-wave plate; QWP, quarter-wave plate; EDFA, erbiumdoped fiber amplifier. b, Photograph of experimental setup, including the optical system (left) and the electronic control system (right). The optical system consists of a telescope congregation and an optical-component box for shielding. c, Close-up photograph of the target, the Pudong Civil Aviation Building, which is on the opposite shore of the river from Chongming Island. The building is 45 km from the single-photon LiDAR setup

The new lidar-based camera can capture you from 45 km away

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New Depth Sensors for Self-Driving Cars

New Depth Sensors for Self-Driving Cars

At a scope of 2 meters, existing time-of-flight systems have a profundity determination of about a centimeter. That is sufficient for the helped to...