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More than 100,000 cancer cases could stem from contaminants in tap water

The first study to conduct a cumulative assessment of cancer risks due to 22 carcinogenic contaminants found in drinking water nationwide.

This gut bacteria produce a ton of alcohol in the body

The findings could help develop a screening method for early diagnosis and treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver.

New technology can cure baldness

A very practical solution to hair regeneration.

VPLanet: A virtual planet simulator for modeling distant worlds across time

Finding and studying potentially habitable worlds.

Plasma flow near sun’s surface explains sunspots, other solar phenomena

Understanding previously mysterious properties of the sun.

Mode of delivery at birth plays a vital role in babies’ gut bacteria

Babies born by caesarean section have a reduced level of “good” gut bacteria and an increased number of pathogens linked to hospital environments.


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Fishing and coral reef degradation threaten parrotfish in Andaman: study

Protection of coral cover along the existing protected marine areas in the Andaman and Nicobar islands is necessary for the conservation of the endangered bumphead parrotfish, a new study has suggested. Bumphead parrotfish, Bolbometopon muricatum, is an important...

New bioactive dental filling material promises to be teeth-friendly

A team of Indian scientists has developed a new technique that promises to help produce bioactive dental filling materials which will take much lesser time for the formation of new bone tissues. Bioactive dental filling materials are gaining...

Changes in livestock breeding needed to boost A2 milk: study

With an increase in awareness of health and food quality, A2 milk is gaining popularity worldwide, and its demand is on the rise in Indian market as well. Pure A2 type milk and milk products can provide...

Accuracy of non-invasive blood tests depends on skin type: study

Testing of blood parameters like glucose and haemoglobin levels using non-invasive devices based on light sensors is becoming popular. A new study by Indian researchers, however, has found that accuracy of such techniques depends on skin factors...