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Link between eye movement and facial recognition in autism?

Autistic people keep visual processing strategy steady for face encoding and recognition.

Stroke patients post-surgery are less likely to receive life-saving treatments

Acute ischemic stroke treatment post-cardiac interventions.

Brain hemorrhage treatment improves survival chances

Anticoagulation impact on intracerebral hemorrhage outcomes.

Genetic and environmental risks in opioid use disorder

Genetic and non-genetic predictors of opioid dependency.

Glycemic control and complications in older people with type 2 diabetes

Insulin treatment and glycemic control: Diabetes complications in older adults.

Opioid epidemic: Prescribed opioids linked to heart issues

Link between prescribed opioids and cardiovascular disease.

Early treatment can reverse nitrous oxide effects

Subacute combined degeneration: Nitrous oxide and gastritis.

Babesiosis treatment: Effective against drug-resistant strains

Tafenoquine-Atovaquone combo cures and provides immunity in Babesiosis models.

Disparities in mastectomy reconstruction for older Asian women

Lower rates of immediate breast reconstruction in elderly Asian women.

Treatments for children with sickle cell

New research reveals equitable treatments for pediatric sickle cell.

New study highlights bile duct function and disease

Insights into the extrahepatic bile ducts.

New study sheds light on how Alzheimer’s tau tangles begin

Inhibition of GCPII lowers pT217Tau in the brains of aged macaques.

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