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Enhanced arterial connections help in stroke recovery

Leptomeningeal collaterals control blood flow in ischemic strokes and save the brain from ineffective clot removal.

New MRI procedure to visualize multiple sclerosis

The loss of myelin sheaths in the brain is a hallmark of multiple sclerosis.

The complement system damages cells in long-term COVID

Persistent complement dysfunction in long COVID: Inflammation and blood clot risks.

Reindeer use multitasking to get enough sleep, according to study

A recent study published in the journal Current Biology reveals that reindeer use a unique multitasking approach to get enough sleep during the summer...

Riding sound waves in the brain

Controlling microvehicles using ultrasound.

High-speed AI drone beats world champions in drone racing

Researchers set a new milestone with the first autonomous system capable of beating human champions.

The sounds of chimpanzees are combined to convey new meanings

Chimpanzees use call combinations and compositional processing to communicate.

Searching non-Earth like environment for extraterrestrial life

As we know, the emergence of life requires three building blocks: an energy source, access to nutrition, and the presence of liquid water. Apart from...

One of the Largest animals ever uncovered in the Alps

With the thickest tooth and largest trunk vertebra

Scientists discovered previously unknown dolphin species

Scientists made this discovery based on bones from the inner ear.

The first complete single-cell atlas of human teeth

The research shows that the composition of human dental pulp and periodontium varies greatly.

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