University of Southern California

Fasting diet reduces disease risk and biological age in humans

Changes in markers indicate reduced disease risk from fasting-mimicking diet.

Growing liver cancer rates in successive Mexican American generations

Rising liver cancer risk in generations of Mexican Americans: Multiethnic cohort study.

Racial discrimination’s impact on care for black cancer survivors

Black cancer patients dealing with racial discrimination in healthcare.

Early-stage ovarian cancer blood test developed by USC

Liquid biopsy OvaPrint™ for high-grade serous ovarian cancer risk assessment.

11 genes linked to aggressive prostate cancer mutations

Using germline sequencing to guide prostate cancer gene panel testing.

Older adults with mild cognitive impairment may struggle with daily decision-making

Mild cognitive impairment is linked with everyday decision making.

Linking lipid metabolism changes to the stress response

Lipid homeostasis and optimal ER stress response.

Unexpected mechanism of cancer cell spread discovered

GRP78/BiP: A stress-induced transcriptional regulator.

Studies point the way to broadly effective treatments for ALS

The discovery could represent another effective strategy for treating many different forms of ALS.

Study highlights how organs communicate with each other

Scientists uncovered the proteins involved in key communication networks.

Earth’s inner core oscillates, study

The Earth moves far under our feet.

Identifying DNA Variants in a better way

A better way to identify elusive DNA variants responsible for genetic changes.

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