University of California- San Francisco

Active social lives boost well-being in dementia care

Social isolation linked to hospitalization, nursing home entry in older adults.

Combining drugs for better prostate cancer treatment?

AFT-19 trial: Investigating androgen blockade intensification in prostate cancer.

Scientists discovered a protein that controls breast cancer’s ability to resist immunotherapy

A better way to predict and improve patient responses.

Scratching neurons: A potential itch solution?

IL-31 limits allergic dermatitis immune response.

Living alone is linked to higher cognitive decline risk

Living alone's impact on caring for cognitive impairment patients.

Breastfeeding increased by 2 weeks when mothers stayed at home

Research finding offers support for National paid family leave policy.

Exposure to TCE may raise your risk for Parkinson’s, study

First large-scale study to demonstrate its association with Parkinson’s.

Scientists developed two new drug candidates for potentially treating addiction and depression

Targeted molecules are more powerful than SSRI antidepressants.

New AI system capable of generating artificial enzymes from scratch

AI technology generates original proteins from scratch.

More screen time linked to odds of developing OCD in preteens

Video gaming watching videos most strongly tied to compulsive behavior.

Senescent cells help to heal damaged tissues

Scientists reappraise the role of “Zombie” cells that anti-aging mMedicine has sought to eliminate

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