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Recyclable ‘water batteries’ that won’t catch fire or explode

New water batteries stay cool under pressure.

Ultrathin, gel-free ECG sensor offers more comfort, less skin irritation

A novel wearable heart monitor ticks all the boxes for better healthcare.

Coffee provides a performance boost for concrete

Waste coffee grounds can improve concrete.

Proton battery promises cheap, more eco-friendly energy storage

Recent design improvements make it competitive as a carbon-neutral alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

3D printing has revolutionized the production of titanium alloys

Researchers have created titanium alloys that are strong and brittle.

Making hydrogen out of seawater – no desalination required

A cheaper and more energy-efficient way to make hydrogen directly from seawater.

A new approach to producing a wide range of fluorescent dyes

An entire color palette of inexpensive fluorescent dyes.

Strange diamonds formed after the dwarf planet collided with a large asteroid

Mysterious diamonds came from outer space.

Liquid metals, surface patterns, and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The opening lines of the great Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms condense its complex and spectacular stories into a coherent pattern,...

New super-efficient way to convert CO2 into solid carbon

The technology is designed to be smoothly integrated into existing industrial processes.

Scientists created diamonds at room temperature in minutes

Scientists has defied nature to make diamonds in minutes in a laboratory at room temperature.

New electronic artificial skin that reacts to pain just like real skin

It can electronically replicate the way human skin senses pain.

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