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Research identifies the body’s reaction to seven days fasting

Adaptive proteomic changes in humans during 7-day caloric restriction.

Saturn’s tiny moon harbors a global ocean beneath its icy shell

One of Saturn's smallest moons, lies a secret.

Vitamin D supplements do not increase bone strength in children

Challenging widely held perceptions.

Scientists uncover ‘long colds’ and long lasting covid existence

Long-term symptom profiles: COVID-19 vs acute respiratory infections.

The movement of water between freshwater bodies can transport eDNA

This highlights the potential of eDNA to provide a comprehensive view of freshwater biodiversity.

New discovery could change our understanding of the universe

How a cup of water can unlock the secrets of our Universe?

Preventing lithium plating could lead to faster-charging EVs

New study finds ways to suppress lithium plating in automotive batteries for faster charging EV.

Skin cancer cells rewire their internal power systems to spread more efficiently

The team also identified a key molecule that orchestrates this process.

Bumblebee solves puzzle by learning from experienced bees

Bees that learned from others were more adept and preferred the learned solution over alternatives

Scientists made two discoveries about the behavior of “supercritical matter”

Extreme physics of 'supercritical' matter may be surprisingly simple.

Study suggests the possible existence of ‘stupendously large black holes’

A recent study suggests the possible existence of ‘stupendously large black holes’ or SLABS, even larger than the supermassive black holes already observed in the centres of galaxies.

The upper limit for the speed of sound found

It is around twice as fast as the speed of sound in diamond.

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