Michigan State University

Comprehending charged particles assists in modeling the formation of elements in stars

The study lays groundwork for calculating how nucleons interact when the particles are electrically charged.

Balancing Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Food: A Trifecta

Scientists identify ways landowners in rural Brazil can find win-win situations, with biodiversity and farming.

Scientists identify the sun’s highest-energy light source

Sometimes, the best place to hide a secret is in broad daylight. Just ask the sun.

Scientists created the world’s lightest isotope of magnesium to date

Say hello to a record-setting isotope.

Scientists made a surprising discovery about the body’s second brain

Scientists at Michigan State University discovered some amazing facts about the human gut's enteric nervous system, i.e., the body's second brain. The intestines perform regular...

Shedding light on the cosmic origin of the heaviest elements on the periodic table

Meteorites remember conditions of stellar explosions.

Friends are more than just trusted confidantes, study

Friends are most valued in cultures where they may be needed most.

The fat around blood vessels keep them healthy, study

The fat around arteries known as Perivascular Adipose Tissue (PVAT) secretes anti-contractile factors that relax the underlying artery. PVAT’s contributions to vascular function include...

‘Happy wife, happy life’, suggests the study

A happy partner leads to a healthier future.

Trojan Horse: A nanoparticle that eats away plaques that cause heart attacks

A potential treatment for atherosclerosis.

A new synthetic nanofactory inspired by nature

Bacteria across our planet contain nanometer-sized factories that do many different things. Some make nutrients, others isolate toxic materials that could harm the bacteria....

Think female race car drivers aren’t fit enough? Think again

In the world of racing, the debate on whether women are as fit as men behind the wheel can often become heated. Just last...

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