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DNA time machine: Insights into a century of loss

The approach could help regulators to protect the planet’s existing biodiversity levels.

Even treated wastewater affects our rivers

Wastewater treatment plants affect aquatic life.

Mitochondria send SOS signals when under stress

The cytosol as a sensor of mitochondrial stress

Enzyme structure reveals neurodegenerative disorders cause

Molecular scissors caught in the act of structural biology.

General neutron star structure revealed

Cosmic chocolate pralines!

New model for matter in neutron star collisions

As dense as it gets!

Analysis of particles of the asteroid Ryugu delivers surprising results

Scientists discovered areas with a massive accumulation of rare earth and unexpected structures.

How long does it take to emit an electron from an atom?

Einstein’s photoelectric effect: The time it takes for an electron to be released.

Computer modeling explains a relativistic black hole jet

Jet from giant galaxy M87.

New world record in short time measurement


Scientists finally determined how brain controls voice

Bats are known for having an empathetic hearing for orientation, emitting ultrasound noises, and receiving an image of their surroundings based on the echo. Let's...

Physicists finally solved the mystery of surrounding photon momentum

Miniscule effect measured with new super COLTRIMS apparatus.

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