University of Connecticut

Are eggs good for us? Scientists tackled the debate in a new way

A comprehensive picture of health benefits of eggs.

Adding 3,000 daily steps reduces blood pressure in older people

Three thousand daily steps cut blood pressure in sedentary seniors with hypertension: e-health study.

Perfect tracking is not needed to achieve significant weight loss

The importance of food tracking for weight loss.

Supercomputer simulations to crack the mystery of massive black holes and quasars

A discovery that provides new insight into how galaxies evolve.

Earth’s early microbes relied on arsenic to exist

The findings give a strong sense of the early conditions of Earth.

These new stem cells have the ability to generate new bone

Bone remodeling and regeneration are dependent on resident stem/progenitor cells with the capability to replenish mature osteoblasts and repair the skeleton. Until now, it has...

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