Tel Aviv University

Plants emit sounds, especially when they are stressed

Tel Aviv University researchers recorded and analyzed plant sounds.

The study unravels the mechanism that enables skin cancer to metastasize to the brain

The treatments already exist, they just need to be repurposed.

Two new planets discovered in the Milky Way galaxy

The planets are similar in size to Jupiter.

Scientists engineered human spinal cord implants for treating paralysis

The breakthrough offers new hope to help people with paralysis walk again.

Mid-7th century BC human parasite remains from Jerusalem

Studies of intestinal parasites that remain preserved in ancient feces deposits (Archaeoparasitology) are an essential tool for tracing the evolution of past infections worldwide....

This oxygen beauty treatment can make you younger

In first, aging stopped in humans.

Why do bats fly into walls?

It does not result from a sensory limitation.

New technology allows cameras to capture colors that are unable to perceive

It has groundbreaking applications in a variety of fields from computer gaming and photography.

Consuming your poop’s microbiome when dieting may help limit weight gain

This procedure is optimized by a green, plant-based, weight loss diet.

A rare and painful disease found in fossilized dinosaur tail still afflicts humans

This is the first time this disease has been identified in a dinosaur.

The study demonstrated the backflow of optical light

This observation is relevant to any physical system supporting coherent waves.

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