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How cells are ahead of the curve?

Cells prefer certain curvatures over others.

How the clustering of clouds and storms impacts rainfall extremes?

New climate model shows more extreme rainfall in the tropics with increased temperatures.

Lupus trigger unveiled

TLR7 sorting disruption linked to human lupus.

A high-resolution map of the Milky Way in 3D

The produced 3D map will be highly useful for a wide range of applications.

Astrophysical Chaos: What happens if you put a black hole into the Sun?

In a hypothetical scenario, small, primordial black holes could be captured by newly forming stars.

Black hole mass measured from its motion

A truly astounding mass concentration!

Using radio waves to remotely monitor nuclear weapons stockpiles

Researchers proposed a new method for monitoring nuclear disarmament treaties.

Electrons drive giant, nonlinear elastic response in Sr2RuO4

Current-carrying electrons can make the lattice much softer than usual in the material Sr2RuO4.

Obesity drug enhances learning in people with obesity

Liraglutide's brain-boosting potential in obesity management.

Solar battery that can absorb light and store energy simultaneously

The synthesized material can be used to create a solar battery.

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