A new method for managing emotional stress

Effective emotion regulation through social good reappraisal.

Switching ships from diesel to ammonia fuel poses potential health risks

Its impact on air quality could significantly impact human health.

Weaker ocean circulation could release more carbon into the atmosphere

New findings challenge current thinking on the ocean's role in storing carbon.

National bottle deposit fee can reduce plastic waste dramatically

How to increase the rate of plastic recycling

Prosthesis driven by nervous system makes walking quicker easier for amputees

A new surgical procedure gives people more neural feedback from their residual limb.

Study uncovers biases in AI’s medical image analysis

The scope of fair medical imaging AI's limitations in everyday use.

Exotic black holes: A byproduct of dark matter

The universe may have sprouted microscopic black holes with enormous amounts of nuclear charge.

Insights into right atrium changes in cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease has profound effects on the structure and function of the heart.

MIT scientists developed a detector for continuously monitoring toxic gases

The material could be made as a thin coating to analyze air quality in industrial or home settings over time.

Scientists discovered an extraordinarily low-density giant planet

Its density similar to that of cotton candy.

Promising breakthrough: Reversing autoimmune hair loss with novel treatment

This treatment allowed hair to regrow and dramatically reduced inflammation.

Astronomers observe elusive stellar light surrounding ancient quasars

The observations suggest some of earliest “monster” black holes grew from massive cosmic seeds.

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