Cornell University

Purple may be the new green for alien life, study

Unveiling the enigmatic purple worlds.

Nanofiber bandages combat infections, accelerate healing

Nanofiber coating with cyclodextrin/lawsone on cotton for germ-fighting dressings.

The world’s fastest-swimming insect could inspire uncrewed boat designs

Whirligig beetles achieve surprising speeds.

New insights into metabolites that control aging and disease

Deciphering molecular mysteries.

A tiny bacterium may make a big impact on rare-earth processing

Improving the efficiency for the purification of elements.

Novel technique predicts wildlife disease spread

Bayesian modeling used to determine sample size in wildlife disease studies.

Modernizing the Internet’s architecture through software-defined networks

Researchers mold model for more nimble networks.

An active stellar corpse shows signs of life after the star’s explosive death

With unprecedented flares, stellar corpse shows signs of life.

New sonar-equipped glasses use AI to interpret upper body poses in 3D

A game-changer in wearable body-sensing technology.

X-rays reveal microstructural fingerprints of 3D-printed alloy

A novel approach to explore the way microstructure emerges in a 3D-printed metal alloy.

Gaseous carbon dioxide can trigger explosive eruptions

The research offers a clearer picture of our planet’s deep internal dynamics and composition.

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