Test your Intelligence with an AI Tool Called Cognitron

Put your intelligence to the ultimate test.


Artificial intelligence has been called the next big thing. It is already being used by researchers in different sectors for innovations in medical, engineering, etc. Now, scientists from Imperial College London have come up with another new invention.

Scientists have developed new AI tool called Cognitron to model human’s mental skill. The tool simply puts your intelligence to the ultimate test and see how you fare compared to others.

Scientists actually wanted to see if this tool can learn the major components of human intelligence using large amounts of data gathered from participants. So, they developed Cognitron within just half hour.

The AI tool called Cognitron will put you through a series of a dozen customised tests. It will then supply few details and tell you how well you did.

It holds the potential to information of almost 200 people at a time by using its Bayesian process. The Bayesian process is an important statistical analysis technique through which AI progressively improves its brain teasers.

The AI actually mess with the tests to find out if intelligence can be divided into different types of cognitive ability like verbal reasoning and focused attention, or if such cognitive skills are all interdependent.

Lead author Dr. Adam Hampshire said, “No one wants to eliminate the human element from science, but limitations and biases in how human scientists think are a major barrier for research. We believe that Cognitron may one day be able to enhance the research process for the scientific community.”

“We are living in an age of big data and we need AI systems that can help us to process this huge avalanche of information. Imagine if a scientist could set a group of AIs to tackle multiple challenges they are trying to answer in their research field. It may speed up the painstaking trial and error process that fundamental research is based on and lead to unbiased findings and critical breakthroughs much quicker.”

Scientists are now inviting members of the public to take part in citizen science research. The more individuals who participate in the AI test, the wealthier the bits of knowledge into human insight that ought to develop.

According to Hampshire, if the test reaches more than 20,000 participants, the AI can learn and map out the structure of human intelligence in greater detail than any previous study.

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