This Brain Composer Allows you to Compose Music by your Thoughts

Researchers are developing a new brain-computer interface application with which music can be composited through thought.


Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) hold the potential to change body functions. Through this, physically impaired persons can control special prostheses via their minds, surf the internet and write emails.

Scientists at brain-computer interfaces. So, they are now developing brain composer that allows you to compose music by the power of your thought.

Gernot Müller-Putz from the Graz University of Technology said, “The idea of composing a piece of music using the power of the mind was unimaginable. But now, it is possible. At the same time, we have new, different visions, some of which are still far from reality.”

This Brain Composer Allows you to Compose Music by your Thoughts
Gernot Müller-Putz from the Institute of Neurotechnology at Graz University of Technology is an expert on brain-computer interfaces. © Lunghammer – Graz University of Technology

It utilizes an extraordinary top that measures brain waves, adapted BCI, music composition software, and a bit of musical knowledge. Scientists also used other options like musical notes, pauses and chords flash consecutively on a table.

This brain composer works by a trained subject. The trained subject focuses on the options when they light up and causes a minute change in their brain waves. These changes are then recognized by the composer and thus it draws conclusions about the chosen option.

During experiments, scientists chose 18 test persons and asked them to thought melodies onto a musical score. All test subjects had a certain degree of basic musical and compositional knowledge.

Muller-Putz said, “The results of the BCI-compositions can really be heard. And more importantly, the test persons were delighted. Already after a short training everyone could compose freely and see their melodies on the sheet music and then also play. The very positive study results with physically healthy test persons are the first step towards the possible extension of the BCI composition for patients.”

“It will still take until the ripe for everyday applications will be. The BCI – Community works in many directions at full speed.”


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