Wearable device

New wearable device to perform balance exercises effectively at home

It helps older individuals train their posture control, minimizing the risk of falls and associated injuries.

New sonar-equipped glasses use AI to interpret upper body poses in 3D

A game-changer in wearable body-sensing technology.

Ultrathin, gel-free ECG sensor offers more comfort, less skin irritation

A novel wearable heart monitor ticks all the boxes for better healthcare.

Wrist-mounted FingerTrak continuously tracks entire human hand in 3D

The device could be used in sign language translation, virtual reality, and more.

This smart ring enables precise, fine-grained tracking of user’s finger

With continuous tracking, AuraRing can pick up handwriting - potentially for short responses to text messages.

New Wearable System That Can Detect Conversation’s Tone

Wearable systems nowadays have numerous uses. Even, various scientists are developing such systems by adding major advancements to it. Similarly, MIT scientists have developed...

New Solid-State Supercapacitor that uses Body Heat to Charge Gadgets

Wearable technology is now the hot topic with devices like the wrist watch, fitness band, skin patches, etc. With wearable technology, learning more about...

This Indian Wearable Device Fin might just be the next Big Thing in Tech

An Indian 23-year-old man, Rohildev N from Kerela has developed a wearable device called Fin. The fin is a small hardware device that you...

Flexible wearable electronic skin patch monitor alcohol levels

Generally, Blood alcohol concentration indicator is used to measure person's blood alcohol level. But it requires pricking finger. Breathalyzers are mostly used the known...

Chem-Phys Patch: New wearable device to monitor body signals

Nowadays, wearable technology taking place in various sectors like computing, medical, etc. Wearable technology is nothing but electronic gadgets that can be worn on...

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