Virtual reality

Holographic displays: Pioneering an immersive future

Setting the stage for a new era of immersive displays.

Rats can imagine, study

The study is fascinating and sheds light on the similarities between rat and human brains.

Joyful music could be a game-changer for virtual reality headaches

Listening to music could reduce the dizziness, nausea, and headaches virtual reality users might experience.

Why do some people get motion-sick playing VR games?

This knowledge could be invaluable for developers and designers of VR experiences.

Walking inside individual cells

It could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology.

This smart ring enables precise, fine-grained tracking of user’s finger

With continuous tracking, AuraRing can pick up handwriting - potentially for short responses to text messages.

New virtual-reality testing ground for drones

MIT engineers have built up another virtual-reality training system called 'Flight Goggles' for drones that empowers a vehicle to "see" a rich, virtual condition...

Virtual reality technology enables virtual Olympics participation

Immersive virtual reality (VR) technology developed at Washington State University (WSU) and being utilized at this year’s Winter Olympics is primed for a series...

Augmented-Reality Technology Could Help Treat Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, the condition when signals between the brain and one eye go awry, and thus input from the other eye can become predominant....

New Technology Uses Mouth Gestures to Interact in Virtual Reality

Binghamton scientists have recently cultivated a new technology that allows control virtual reality by using only mouth gestures. The expansion of moderate virtual reality head-mounted...

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