Wednesday, May 18, 2022

University of Geneva

Temperature changes cause the entire body to reprogramme

UNIGE scientists have discovered that changes in temperature cause marked and organ-specific effects in all tissues.

Scientists successfully visualized crystal nucleation

Paving the way for the design of safer and more stable active substances.

World record: Scientists succesfully stored qubit for 20 milliseconds

The new world record for qubit storage.

Scientists identified a gene that could prevent Parkinson’s disease

Overexpression of this gene prevents the development of Parkinson’s disease.

A potential target for overcoming resistance to breast cancer treatment

Scientists identified a potential target for restoring the efficacy of standard treatment in resistant patients.

Scientists unraveled the origin of metastasis

Scientists discovered some of the mechanisms by which these cells arise.

Communication defect between brain areas is linked to the psychotic disorders

Communication defect in psychotic disorders.

Scientists discovered how to trigger apoptosis in leukemia cells

Defeating leukemia cells by depriving them of energy.

Cells organize themselves to generate forces that model the tissue shape

Cellular tornadoes sculpt our organs.

Women from under-privileged cultural backgrounds are less likely to practice sports

Childhood health and cultural inequalities: women pay the price.

Study demonstrates how genes and environment interact in autistic disorders

Gene-environment interactions that drive autism.

The absence of a genetic switch can cause malformations during embryonic development

A missing genetic switch at the origin of malformations.

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