Friday, August 12, 2022


NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured two festive-looking nebulas

The nebulas are situated to appear as one.

Scientists revealed the distribution of dark matter around galaxies 12 billion years ago

Further back in time than ever before.

Using quantum technology to constrain axions

A way to explore promising parameter space.

Astronomers spotted some of the most elusive stuff in our universe

Astronomers are helping find the missing universe.

Scientists solved the mystery of how the first quasars in the universe formed

The first supermassive black holes were simply a natural consequence of structure formation...

Astronomers observed the slow spin of early galaxy

One of the most distant known galaxies, observed in the very earliest years of the Universe.

A method for predicting the composition of dark matter

A new analysis offers an innovative means to predict ‘cosmological signatures’ for models of dark matter.

Astronomers detect the most distant galaxy rotation ever observed

Capturing the onset of galaxy rotation in the early universe.

Solving one of the biggest open questions about dark matter’s nature

Revealing the secret language of dark matter

Galaxies are at rest with respect to the early universe: study

Putting the theory of special relativity into practice, by counting galaxies.

NASA shares an image of a spectacular set of rings around a black hole

Huge rings around a black hole.

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