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Stereotypes measurably influence how we treat each other

Stereotypes measurably influence how we treat each other

UC Berkeley neuroscientist Ming Hsu and individual analysts have created a computational model that can anticipate how much we discriminate against each other are...
Zika virus in blood with red blood cells, a virus which causes Zika fever found in Brazil and other tropical countries

Blood tests reveal broad extent of Zika infection

In a new study by the UC Berkeley, scientists showed that almost half of the population in Managua, Nicaragua, has been infected with the...
Engineered sand to purify stormwater

Engineered sand to purify stormwater

Stormwater runoff is often worsened by human activities and can contain nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants from fertilizers, pet and yard waste. Because stormwater flows...
nature, best medicine for PTSD

Nature is proving to be awesome medicine for PTSD

A new study by the UC Berkeley scientists, the amazement we feel in nature can significantly decrease side effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Scientists tracked mental...
The SQUID-based amplifier, which is about a millimeter square, is supercooled to be sensitive to faint signals from axions, should they convert into a microwave photon in the ADMX detector. Sean O'Kelley image

Start of most sensitive search yet for dark matter axion

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have recently developed low-noise superconducting quantum amplifiers through which, they are embarking the most sensitive search yet for axions,...
Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley researchers developed a model to analyze taxi trips provided by shared automated electric vehicles in Manhattan; blue represents an empty vehicle, green is charging, and red is occupied.

Fleet of automated electric taxis could deliver environmental and energy benefits

Scientists at the UC Berkeley have developed a new model that could analyze taxi trips provided by shared automated electric vehicles in Manhattan. It...
Probes inject positive and negative charges in the light emitting device, which is transparent under the campanile outline, producing bright light

Atomically-thin light emitting device opens the possibility for ‘invisible’ displays

UC Berkeley engineers have built a bright-light emitting device that is millimeters wide and fully transparent when turned off. The light emitting material in...
Pyrene molecules, which are four-ring, 16-carbon polycyclic hydrocarbons, are likely formed around giant stars. This artist's rendering shows the molecules in an asteroid belt, with carbon atoms shown in black and hydrogen atoms in white. Scientists have recreated the chemical steps for making pyrene in space. (Credit: NASA-JPL-Caltech)

How to make space molecules?

Complex carbon-based particles found in meteorites have for some time been a problem for Earth-bound scientists. Thus scientists are very keen to know how...
Areas of the brain that get input from the eyes can be hijacked to control something outside the brain, such as a computer that generates a tone. Yellow arrows represent feedback between the rat’s visual cortex and striatum, which is key to learning new tasks. Ryan Neely image.

Retraining neurons to take action

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley along with Columbia University and the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisbon, Portugal have demonstrated the astounding...