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Image: Kate Wighton Imperial College London

Recurrent miscarriage may be linked to the poor quality of a man’s sperm

According to an estimate, around one percent of all women experience a recurrent miscarriage. It affects around one in 50 couples in the UK. Doctors...
Two become one Researchers have revealed the structure of proteins that enable sperm cells to fuse with eggs to form a new individual. Fedry et. al.

Study unveils molecular details of sperm-egg fusion

In a new study, scientists at the Brown University portrayed the detailed structure of proteins that empower sperm-egg fusion in two unique species: a flowering...
scientists behind the discovery

Scientists discovered a new part of sperm that contributes to infertility

According to a new study, a father donates not one, but two centrioles through the sperm during fertilization. This discovery done by The University of Toledo...