How species of snakes have evolved and adapted?

Habitat and diet are strongly correlated to skull shape in dipsadine snakes.

Reptile or egg: the evolution of amniotes

The evolution of the amniotic egg and its implications for viviparity.

Snakes can hear more than you think

Snakes can hear and react to airborne sounds.

Scientists discovered striking new species of snake in Paraguay

The extreme rarity of this species led the authors to consider it "Endangered".

Venoms found in snakes and mammals share a common origin

Common Venomous lineage between snakes and Mammals.

First vertebrate example of positional transformation in tooth identity

Teeth are among the most distinctive features of vertebrates, thanks to their exceptional diversity. Tooth complexity is strongly correlated to dietary habits, life history,...

How primates build resistance against Cobra Venom

Snakes have strongly influenced primate evolution.

Scientists created snake venom without snakes

Creating lab-based antivenoms and developing new venom-based treatments.

Found: new vine snake species after a gap 113 years

Zoologists have discovered a new vine snake species from the eastern State of Odisha. A new taxon of vine snake is being found after...

New species of snake found in another snake’s belly

A new genus and species of colubroid snake.

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