Unexpected link between schizophrenia risk proteins

Controlling fast-spiking neurons: Cytoskeleton-membrane interaction.

New tools based on AI can help diagnose schizophrenia

A language-based computational assay of conceptual disorganization in schizophrenia.

Scientists make significant strides in studying schizophrenia genes

Studying how common genetic variants affect schizophrenia.

Cognitive function: The power of scent

Olfactory enrichment improves memory and brain structure in older adults.

Researcher identifies a key strategy to combat disease linked to autism and schizophrenia

By the time those symptoms are recognized, it’s long past the opportunity for a medical intervention.

Schizophrenia during pregnancy triples the risk of interpersonal violence

There are many opportunities for health care providers to intervene and prevent harm to these patients.

Communication defect between brain areas is linked to the psychotic disorders

Communication defect in psychotic disorders.

Study links the breakdown in brain cell development and the risk of Schizophrenia

The study is a major step forward in the hunt for developmental origins of psychiatric disorders.

‘Dark Genome’ offers clues to treatment of Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

The study opens up huge potential for new druggable targets.

3D mini-brains offer clues on origin of Schizophrenia

A fundamental discovery providing what we think is the first evidence in human tissue.

New AI tool to predict psychotic illnesses

A longitudinal network analysis.

A class of drug can protect the IQ of people at risk for psychosis

The study opens up a new field of research and new hope for people affected by the microdeletion of chromosome 22.

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