Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Renewable energy

An innovative tech to generate renewable energy and capture carbon

An innovative method that could solve two wicked problems of climate change.

Electric Vehicles Provide Lower Carbon Emissions Through Additional Channels

Electric vehicles dominate when indirect supply chain emissions are accounted for.

New type of transistor perform at substantially improved efficiencies

New nanotransistors keep their cool at high voltages.

A methodology to better incorporate organic waste for enhanced energy conversion

Biomass-driven technology allows for enhanced energy conversion

Assembly of the largest ever thermonuclear fusion reactor ITER begins

ITER will be the first fusion device to maintain fusion for long periods of time.

A single drop of water can generate power to light up 100 LED bulbs

The innovative generator can achieve performances thousands of times higher than similar devices.

Electricity generated at estuaries using light and osmosis

The fluctuation of photovoltaic and wind power generation is directly related to the weather variability. EPFL scientists are now developing a method that can...

Carbon fuels go green for renewable energy

For quite a long time, researchers have hunt down compelling approaches to remove overabundance carbon dioxide emissions from the air and reuse them into...

Scientists have launched novel approach to fusion power

Fusion power — possibly a limitless and zero-carbon wellspring of energy— could be going to take a drastic jump forward. Even MIT scientists along...

Applying economics to energy technology

For as far back as four years, Jing Li '11 has been contemplating energy technology that could help the world move to a low-carbon...

Novel approach to rechargeable batteries

A sort of battery initially MIT. The battery, in light of cathodes made of sodium and nickel chloride and utilizing another sort of metal...

Google Now uses 100% of its Energy from Renewables

Google, a multinational company that specialized on the internet of services and products. Through its continuous growth, it now becomes a world's most valuable company. In...

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