A new class of RNA discovered for learning and memory

Many more are happening with these kinds of RNA molecules.

Trauma memories spark unique brain activity, study finds

PTSD study reveals neural distinctions between traumatic and sad memories.

New device to non-invasively measure cervical nerve activity in humans

The device may help treatment sepsis and PTSD.

Blue light therapy helps improve sleep and reduce PTSD symptoms

Improved sleep is seen in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder using morning blue light treatment.

Nature is proving to be awesome medicine for PTSD

In a new study by UC Berkeley scientists, the amazement we feel in nature can significantly decrease the side effects of post-traumatic stress disorder....

Physiological and behavioral benefits may be experienced by veterans with PTSD who have service dogs

A new study by the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, using service dogs may affect the health and well-being of military members and veterans with...

What Drives False Memories in Psychopathology?

Memories assume a persuasive part in both clinical and legitimate settings. Memory inconsistencies are normal for posttraumatic push issue (PTSD) and depression. PTSD has been appeared...

Scientists Assert They Will Soon be Able to Edit Human Memories

Scientists recently discovered that two different memory use completely different processes in the same nerves. And the most fascinating is that the finding could challenge...

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