A new method to characterize the properties of one of the four fundamental forces of nature

New Beta-Decay measurements in mirror nuclei pin down the weak nuclear force.

Gravity helps show strong force strength in the proton

Insights into the environment experienced by the proton’s building blocks.

How do Quark-Gluon-Plasma fireballs explode into Hadrons?

The maximum entropy principle provides a crucial connection.

Massive neutron stars hiding cores of deconfined quark matter

The result was reached through massive supercomputer runs utilizing Bayesian statistical inference.

Comprehending charged particles assists in modeling the formation of elements in stars

The study lays groundwork for calculating how nucleons interact when the particles are electrically charged.

Tackling the mystery: Where do protons get their spin?

New study shows that the spins of gluons align with the spin of the protons they are in.

How the solar wind interacts with Mercury’s surface?

New insight into how interactions with the Sun alters the surface and produces Mercury’s very thin atmosphere.

High-performance memory devices inspired by the human brain

A proton-driven approach that enables multiple ferroelectric phase transitions.

Puzzle solved: Why graphene is so much more permeable to protons?

Graphene discovery could help generate hydrogen cheaply and sustainably.

Calculations reveal high-resolution view of quarks inside protons

Theorists predict differential distribution of 'up' and 'down' quarks within protons.

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