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Sketch of the setup. Single magnetic atoms are deposited on a surface of magnesium oxide. They are imaged by the magnetic tip of a scanning tunneling microscope which also allows researchers to perform an MRI scan of the atom’s magnetic field./ Image: IBS

IBS researchers performed world’s smallest MRI on single atoms

Researchers at the Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) at Ewha Womans University in collaboration with colleagues from...
A standard laser generated proton beam is created through firing a laser pulse at a thin metallic foil. The new method involves instead first splitting the laser into two less intense pulses, before firing both at the foil from two different angles simultaneously. When the two pulses collide on the foil, the resultant electromagnetic fields heat the foil extremely efficiently. The technique results in higher energy protons whilst using the same initial laser energy as the standard method. CREDIT Yen Strandqvist/Chalmers University of Technology

New method invented to double the energy of proton beam

Proton acceleration is really a secondary effect of laser bombardment. Initially, the laser expels out electrons from the thin solid target. Moving close to...
For the first time, the fusion of hydrogen and xenon was able to be investigated at the same temperatures as occur in stellar explosions using an ion storage ring. Credit: Mario Weigand

How heavy elements come about in the universe

Heavy elements are produced during Steller explosion or on the surfaces of neutron stars through the catch of hydrogen cores (protons). This happens at...
In the QTor magnetic spectrometer, a magnet separates high-energy electrons, which are elastically scattered from protons. Photo courtesy of the Laboratory for Nuclear Science.

Understanding the proton’s weak side

By conducting Qweak experiment, scientists have set new standards in precision tests of the Standard Model, a highly successful theory of fundamental particles and...