Thursday, July 7, 2022


Finding extraterrestrial life forms with the help of ancient microbes

The relationship between life and the environment it inhabits holds many clues about how the planet became habitable over the years. Planetary habitability is...

A novel treatment could rapidly clear carbon monoxide poisoning

Creating an easy-to-administer antidote.

Study shows how protein structure can pump toxic molecules out of bacterial cells

Protein structure offers clues to the drug-resistance mechanism.

Crucial role of Apterous(Ap) protein in Long term memory consolidation

Insights will promise new approaches to the treatment of memory-related disorders.

A chewing gum that could reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission

It could be given to patients whose infection status is unknown or even for a dental check-up when masks need to be removed to reduce the likelihood of passing the virus to caregivers.

Study reveals role of disordered protein interactions in gene expression

The findings can contribute to a better understanding of diseases such as cancer, viral infections, neurodevelopmental disorders, and potentially other conditions in which these factors are disrupted.

Newly developed controlled proteins enable scientists to control cell activities

They can be used to switch cellular activities on and off like a light bulb.

Proteins help each other stably bind to DNA

Transcription factors enjoy a reciprocal relationship around fission yeast chromatin.

Building synthetic muscle using a synthetic chemistry approach

No animals are required to produce these fibers, which are tougher than Kevlar.

A new approach to identify proteins in the living brain

Tool could help researchers better understand brain diseases and potential treatments.

PV-driven microbial food production uses land and sunlight more efficiently

The protein from microbes uses a fraction of the resources of conventional farming.

Researchers find the best time to consume proteins

Championing Chrononutrition with Protein, the Morning Elixir for Muscle Growth

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