Premature Birth

Precision medicine prevents early births

Noncoding mutations and preterm birth.

Non-invasive wearable devices might be able to predict preterm birth

By monitoring changes in maternal heart rate variability.

Smoking during pregnancy doubles premature birth risk

Impact of smoking and caffeine on pregnancy outcomes.

Fathers’ psychiatric diagnosis, the chances of preterm birth are higher

New analysis of Swedish birth records suggests it’s not only mothers’ mental health that’s important.

Women with prepregnancy migraine had a greater risk of complications

Migraine history may be marker of pregnancy complications.

COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy is not linked with preterm birth

A new study offers evidence on the safety of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy. Pregnant women with COVID-19 have an increased risk of disease severity and...

Premature boys age faster as men, study

They do not do as well as their normal-weight counterparts or preemie girls.

Parents who were born premature likely to have children with autism

Parental birth abnormalities and offspring’s autism-linked.

Breast milk may help protect premature babies from developing sepsis

Late-onset sepsis (LOS) is a profoundly consequential complication of preterm birth and is defined by a positive blood culture got after 72 h age....

World’s first artificial womb for humans

Something that could save the lives of millions of babies who die due to premature births.

Residence change during early pregnancy linked to heightened premature birth risk

Residence change during the first three months of pregnancy is linked to a heightened risk of premature birth and low birth weight, as well as a slightly higher risk of a smaller-than-expected-size baby.

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