Sunday, June 26, 2022


How the universe got its magnetic field?

MIT scientists are helping to solve one of the mysteries of the origins of cosmological magnetic fields.

High-speed moving plasma turbulence discovered for the first time

New insights into understanding turbulence in fusion plasmas.

A new law unchains fusion energy

The update shows that we can actually safely use more hydrogen fuel in fusion reactors.

60-years old mystery of Fast Magnetic Explosions solved

It’s not just a scientific curiosity.

Seeing the plasma edge of fusion experiments in new ways

A simplified turbulence theory’s ability to model complex plasma phenomena.

Unraveling a puzzle to optimize the development of fusion energy

The accurate solution describes the trajectories of the electrons being scattered.

16 Years study to Challenge Einstein theory with extreme stars

Researchers from ten countries put Einstein's theory to the most rigorous tests yet.

Fastest spinning white dwarf confirmed

It is the second magnetic propeller ever found.

New technology for plasma separation using magnets

The new technology will greatly improve the accuracy of point-of-care blood tests.

Measuring radio waves in fusion plasmas

Setting the stage for enhanced future experiments that could result in bringing energy from fusion to Earth.

10 unique phases of plasma discovered

New insights in fusion and plasma science.

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