Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Scientists discovered a key factor through which plants respond to temperature

The tiny key to a major goal: maximizing crop growth.

Mussels and other aquatic animals protect coastal ecosystems

Mollusks help sustain salt marshes in the face of climate change.

Nanotube sensors can detect and distinguish gibberellin plant hormones

The nondestructive nanosensors could have wide applications in agricultural science.

Watching TV is good for the planet

It potentially provokes an involvement in botany and ecology.

New way to harvest electricity from succulent plants’ natural photosynthesis

Producing ‘green’ energy- literally- from living plant ‘bio-solar cells’.

Insects are causing unprecedented levels of damage to plants

The difference in insect damage between the modern era and the fossilized record is striking.

Study uncovered the deadly workings of a carnivorous plant

Study reveals how an insect-eating plant uses rain energy to power its traps.

Plants make their own ‘secret’ decisions about carbon release

The secret carbon decisions plants are making about our future.

Scientists discovered the largest known plant on Earth

And it's 4,500 years old.

Scientists grow plants in lunar soil

NASA-funded study breaks new ground in plant research.

Study reveals how plants respond to heat stress

Steroid hormones contribute to the heat stress resistance of plants.

How do plants build a sugar transport lane?

A tiny region at the root tip is responsible.

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