A plant gene required for root hair growth found in grasses

Plant cell types: Unlocking the mystery of root hair development.

How capturing carbon in savannas can reduce global warming?

Grasses play an important role in capturing carbon in tropical savannas.

Unveiling how plants evolved over the past billion years

Explore the evolutionary process of plants with this Nature Plants study.

Impact of ground-mounted solar photovoltaic sites on bat activity

The activity level of bat species was significantly reduced at solar farm sites.

Satellite data show disparate nitrogen dioxide trends across California

Wildfires and soil emissions increase air pollution in remote forests.

Biodiversity protects against invasions of non-native tree species

Which regions on Earth are most vulnerable to non-native tree invasions?

Ancient DNA from a 2,900-year-old clay brick extracted

Revealing a time capsule of plant life.

A new bio-inspired solar leaf design inspired by nature

A new solar energy design may pave the way for future renewable energy technologies.

Even treated wastewater affects our rivers

Wastewater treatment plants affect aquatic life.

The first bees evolved on an ancient supercontinent

A new best estimate for when and where bees first evolved.

A nematode dormant for 46,000 years in Siberian permafrost revived

Genome analysis shows new nematode species shares molecular toolkit for survival with C. elegans.

771 endangered plant and lichen species threatened by climate change

Despite the risk, very few of these species have recovery plans that directly address climate change.

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