Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Plants make their own ‘secret’ decisions about carbon release

The secret carbon decisions plants are making about our future.

Scientists grow plants in lunar soil

NASA-funded study breaks new ground in plant research.

Study reveals how plants respond to heat stress

Steroid hormones contribute to the heat stress resistance of plants.

How do plants build a sugar transport lane?

A tiny region at the root tip is responsible.

A new method for early detection of bacterial infection in crops

Early detection and quantification of pathogens in plants, to enhance plant disease management.

5-decades old mystery behind plant growth solved

Molecule masterminds elaborate growth process.

Growing Chile Peppers in space

Spicing up the space station.

Plant residues play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions

CO2 storage through dead plant material.

How plants ‘pay’ their microbes?

Equal pay for equal work.

Scientists discovered new species of milk weed family

Scientists named it Vincetoxicum emeiense.

Study unravels how plant hormones control root growth

A hormone is localized in plant roots for optimal growth patterns.

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