To grow their roots, plants feel gravity

Beneath the surface.

A new species of the Japanese lily identified for the first time since 1914

1st addition to sukashiyuri group in 110 years.

AI helps scientists engineer plants to fight climate change

Deep learning to analyze plant features, accelerating design of climate-saving plants.

Plants do scream when stressed

Listen to the audio recording of plant sounds.

New plant protein fold discovery offers hope for anti-cancer drugs

Intramolecular macrocyclase identified in plant peptide biosynthesis.

New study raises concerns over eating salad in space

Lettuce and other plants are more susceptible to bacterial infections in space than on Earth.

Unlocking aging secrets within leaves

Golgi integrity, COG, and the onset of dark-induced senescence.

Soy and plant compounds reduce breast cancer recurrence

Research on breast cancer outcomes and phytonutrients.

How do tomato plants protect themselves from drought?

Combining new and classical methods.

Pathogenic fungi infecting the Eucalyptus snout beetle in Eucalyptus forest

Way to develop a bio-pesticide for controlling the beetle.

Plants use “trojan horse” to fight mold invasions

Plant RNA defense systems hidden in unassuming “bubbles”.

“Forever Chemicals” in Yale study boost cancer cell migration

Research shows that PFOS and PFOA encourage colorectal cancer spheroid movement.

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