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Prof. Dr. Caroline Gutjahr with seedlings of thale cress (Arabidopsis). Image: A. Battenberg / TUM

How roots grow hair?

“Smoke detectors” in plants also control the growth of root hair.
An image of moss

Scientists identified the genes that first enabled plants to grow leaves

The study explains how a 450-million years ago a switch enabled plants to delay reproduction and grow leaves, shoots, and buds.
The evolution of land plants (simplified). Around 500 million years ago land plants started to spread from water to land. © IST Austria

When plant roots learned to follow gravity

Scentists have identified crucial components and processes which only developed in seed plants around 350 million years ago to enable fast and efficient gravity-driven root growth.
The handheld technology allows farmers to identify plant diseases in the field. Photo credit: NC State University

Smartphone-based portable device diagnoses plant diseases in the field

Every plant releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as they 'breathe' through the pores in their leaves. But when a plant is diseased, the type...
Designer plants one step closer to growing low-cost medical, industrial proteins

Designer plants one step closer to growing low-cost medical, industrial proteins

Vaccines help protect individuals from lethal infections before they interact with the disease. Antibodies may likewise help reduce the symptoms of the infection brought...
How plants breathe and how humans shaped their 'lungs'

How plants breathe and how humans shaped their ‘lungs’

The development of stomata and leaf airspace must be composed to set up a proficient and powerful network that enables gas exchange for photosynthesis....
The activity of the TPC1 ion channel in the vacuole membrane (yellow) is essential for the excitability of the vacuole. On the left is a plant cell, in the middle the vacuole with chloroplasts (red) and a 3D reconstruction of the TPC1 crystal structure. CREDIT Dawid Jaslan / University of Würzburg

Exciting plant vacuoles

Many plant processes similar to the humans: Cells and tissues in grain plants, including maize also communicate through electrical signals. The shape and frequency...
A research team from the National University of Singapore, comprising Dr Siew Yin Yin (left), Dr Neo Soek Ying (centre) and Associate Professor Koh Hwee Ling (right), uncovered anticancer properties in six tropical medicinal plants. Credit: National University of Singapore

Six plants native to Southeast Asia are promising cancer warriors

A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has recently discovered that the Bandicoot Berry (Leea indica), South African leaf (Vernonia...
Phylloxera galls on the leaf of a grape vine

Insects hijack reproductive genes of grape vines to create own living space on plant

A new study by the University of Toledo scientists highlighted a relationship between insects and plants, paving the way towards possibilities in protecting the...