Pancreatic cancer

A protein that contributes to metastasis in pancreatic cancer found

Discovery could advance life-saving therapies.

Discovery unveils promising anticancer drug targeting KRAS protein

Discovery of KRB-456: Allosteric pocket binder inhibits pancreatic cancer growth.

Lorazepam treatment and poor pancreatic cancer outcomes

Pancreatic cancer survival and the IL6 response to Lorazepam.

New insights into how the immune system fights cancer

Autologous PDX models provide new insights into tumor-immune interactions.

Pancreatic Cancer: Fungus not a significant driver, research finds

A new study challenges the link between fungus and pancreatic cancer.

Emerging evidence suggests a higher occurrence of pancreatic Lesions

Donor pancreata analysis: A key to understanding early pancreatic lesions.

Potential new treatment approach for the Pancreatic pain

The study sheds light on the mechanisms of analgesics resistance in chronic pancreatitis patients.

Weight during adolescence may affect pancreatic cancer risk in adulthood

Rates of obesity among adolescents in the United States have increased at a dramatic rate along with the prevalence of weight-related diseases. Because the obese...

Breath test could diagnose pancreatic cancer at an earlier stage

Scientists at the Imperial College London have developed a breath test that can detect pancreatic cancer from benign conditions and could mean the disease...

Major pancreatic cancer breakthrough

The pancreatic tumor is regularly exceptionally aggressive, with just around eight percent individuals surviving beyond five years after treatment, even after surgery and the...

Scientists successfully prevent the growth of pancreatic cancer

A respiratory virus has been utilized to effectively restrain the growth of pancreatic cancer as indicated by an early Cardiff University and Barts Cancer...

Stress may accelerate pancreatic cancer

Another examination demonstrates that stress quickens the advancement of pancreatic disease by setting off the arrival of "battle or flight" hormones. Beta blockers, generally...

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