Age is no barrier to successful weight loss

The study dispels myths about the effectiveness of weight loss in older people.

Antibiotics before age 2 associated with childhood health issues

Association of infant antibiotic exposure with childhood health outcomes.

Obesity can increase the risk of kidney disease, study

Regardless of where it is deposited in the body, fat increases the risk of kidney disease.

Men with large waistline are more likely to die of prostate cancer

There is a link between central adiposity and risk of death from prostate cancer.

Body Mass Index is the main modifiable cause of diabetes

Losing weight could prevent or even reverse diabetes.

Lipoic acid supplements help in losing weight

Particularly in women and in the heaviest people.

Obesity is an important risk factor of COVID-19

Yale Medicine physicians explain how obesity may heighten chance of severe disease.

Tall children have a higher risk of developing obesity

According to the study, taller children are more likely to have a higher body mass index than shorter children.

How human fat cells are affected by age?

A growing awareness of the health toll attributable to obesity in modern, industrialized nations has added importance to efforts to understand the causes and...