Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Lifelong excess weight almost doubles the risk of womb cancer

This study is the first of its kind to look at the effect of lifelong greater BMI on womb cancer risk.

Study unravels neuronal mechanisms that control food cravings during pregnancy

Persistent cravings have consequences for the offspring.

Increased levels of blood fats more harmful than first thought

Higher blood fats more harmful than first thought.

Study found a biological connection between stress, weight, and social anxiety

Connecting stress, weight, and social anxiety in early adolescence.

Study found a strong connection between COVID-19 mortality risk and obesity

Those from ethnic minorities who have a higher BMI were most at risk of dying from COVID-19.

Being overweight may cause more hospital admissions than previously thought

The study used a genetic technique to identify the sole impact of body composition on hospital admissions.

Study found Heart complications in Overweight youth

Associations between visceral fat and arterial stiffness in youth.

Good sleep alleviate infant obesity risks

More sleep awakenings were associated with a higher likelihood of infants becoming overweight.

Fertility of obese boys may be protected by early weight loss

Early management of obesity in childhood could help prevent future fertility problems in men.

Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy may increase babies’ obesity risk

A robotic arm equipped with a hairbrush helps with brushing tasks and could be an asset in assistive care settings.

Western diet could increase risk of infection and inflammatory bowel disease

Diet rich in sugar, fat damages immune cells in digestive tracts of mice.

Obesity is associated with heavier periods may cause impaired womb repair

Peer-reviewed, observational/experimental, human/mice.

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