Thursday, March 30, 2023


Lack of immunological response is associated with COVID-19 severity

Obesity increases susceptibility to COVID-19.

High blood caffeine levels may reduce the body weight and type 2 diabetes risk

It may be worth exploring the potential for calorie-free caffeinated drinks.

Study finds a correlation between neurodegeneration in obese people and Alzheimer’s disease

Obesity-related neurodegeneration mimics Alzheimer’s disease.

UK soft drink taxes associated with decreased obesity in girls

Study tracking childhood obesity in England from 2014-2020 found 8% reduction in obesity among 10-11 year old girls coinciding with 2018 soft drinks industry levy

Eating fast food is associated with liver disease

Risk of liver damage is highest for those with obesity or diabetes.

Understanding the “eating just one potato chip is impossible” gene

Scientists reveal genetic mechanisms associated with high-calorie food-fueled obesity.

Childhood BMI has limited effects on mood and behavioral disorders

Child body weight is unlikely to have a big impact on children's mood or behavioural disorders.

Positively charged nanomaterials reduce fat at targeted locations

Inhibiting the unhealthy lipid storage of enlarged fat cells.

New clues to genetic causes of high cholesterol

The study demonstrates the importance of ensuring diversity in genetic databases.

Can obesity and stress influence appetite?

It’s all in your head.

Study identifies a link between late-night eating and obesity

Scientists find eating time affects how the body stores fat and regulates appetite hormones.

Air Pollution causes Negative Changes in a Baby’s gut

Exposure to air pollution in infancy affects a child’s developing gut.

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