Wednesday, June 7, 2023


NASA’s Parker Solar Probe completed its 15th close approach to the Sun

Dozens of observatories collected data during this encounter.

The first detailed, wide-area map of water distribution on the Moon

A new map reveals the distribution of Water near the Moon's south pole.

Direct evidence of active volcanism on Venus

NASA’s Magellan data reveal volcanic activity on Venus.

Webb captures rarely seen prelude to a supernova

A Wolf-Rayet star is a rare prelude to the famous final act of a massive star: the supernova. As one of its first observations...

The rotation of Europa’s icy crust may be affected by ocean currents

New explanation for how the icy shell of Jupiter’s moon Europa rotates at a different rate than its interior.

Chandra detected a galaxy lonelier than expected

The result may push the limits for how quickly astronomers expect galaxies to grow in the early universe.

First ‘sun rays’ viewed on Mars

Curiosity views first Martian 'Sun Rays'.

Hubble captured movie of DART smashing into an asteroid

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope captured a series of photos of rapid changes to the asteroid Dimorphos when it was deliberately hit by a...

Analysis of the Ryugu asteroid sample reveals it is organic-rich

Asteroid Ryugu has a rich complement of organic molecules.

Discovery of six massive early galaxies defies prior understanding of the universe

These objects are way more massive​ than anyone expected.

Venus’s squishy surface shows signs of geothermal activity

Venus may be losing heat from geologic activity in regions called coronae.

NASA’s Chandra discovers giant black holes on a collision course

This is the first evidence for such an impending encounter.

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