Understanding the wiring of the human genome

Being able to understand which genes these mutations impact is really critical.

Exploring the evolutionary source of genomic imprinting

RNA-mediated parent-of-origin effects driven by selfish conflict.

MIT researchers are using new nanoparticles to improve vaccines

Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks boost SARS-CoV-2 spike protein trimer immunity via Toll-like receptor activation.

Study revealed a mechanism that protects tissue after faulty gene expression

Scientists identified a protein complex that is activated by defects in the spliceosome.

Blood tests advance neuroblastoma detection

Liquid biopsies for early detection of neuroblastoma in children.

Researchers alter mRNA therapies for safer immune responses

N1-methylpseudouridylation induces +1 ribosomal frameshifting in mRNA.

An inhalable COVID vaccine that successfully protects against the virus

A study shows that a shot is not necessary for providing protection.

How can axolotls help humans heal wounds?

Axolotls regrow limbs using an ultra-sensitive on-off switch.

Insulin production: New insights into its biology

A new role for N6-Adenosine methylation in insulin production.

A new tool to study protein production in cells

A new technique reveals where proteins are made in cells.

New Majestic solution for future cancer cell therapies

A new gene delivery and immune cell engineering technology.

New molecular method speeds up detection of antibiotic resistance

New method reveals bacterial reaction to antibiotics in five minutes.

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