Friday, October 7, 2022


Highest-resolution close-Up of Jupiter’s moon Europa

Remarkable imagery and unique science.

Moon asteroid impacts mirrored on Earth, study

Major impact events on Earth were not stand-alone events.

Chinese scientists discovered a new mineral on the moon

The mineral was discovered in soil sample brought from Moon.

Study offers one more clue to how our Moon was formed

One more clue to the Moon’s origin.

Locations within pits on the Moon harbor comfortable temperatures

The pits or caves would also offer some protection from cosmic rays, solar radiation, and micrometeorites.

China has released a new comprehensive geologic map of the Moon

The world's most detailed to date.

Ancient moon volcanoes may one day provide astronauts with drinkable water

Roughly 41% of the water from volcanoes may have condensed onto the moon as ice.

Scientists grow plants in lunar soil

NASA-funded study breaks new ground in plant research.

Lunar soil can potentially generate oxygen and fuel

Scientists propose a potentially available extraterrestrial photosynthesis pathway on the moon.

Water on the Moon may have come from Earth’s atmosphere

An additional way to explain how water accumulates on the moon.

NASA shares the image of the smallest and innermost of Saturn’s major moons

The Cassini spacecraft made several close approaches and provided detailed images of Mimas.

The first partial solar eclipse of 2022 wowed viewers

This gives the Sun a crescent shape.

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