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Professor Daniel Tenen (right) and Dr Liu Bee Hui (left), who are researchers from CSI Singapore, are members of the research team that had developed a novel peptide drug that could potentially treat liver cancer more effectively.

Scientists developed a new drug to effectively treat liver cancer

A research team led by scientists from the Cancer Institute of Singapore (CSI Singapore) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed a...
Focussed ultrasound used to improve effects of cancer drugs Image credit: Shutterstock

Focussed ultrasound used to improve effects of cancer drugs

Reaching therapeutic levels of cancer drugs within a tumor, while avoiding side effects for the rest of the body is a challenge for all...
Professor Hyug Moo Kwon in the School of Life Sciences at UNIST.

New study sheds light on treating liver cancer

Liver malignancy opposes most chemotherapy drugs. Regardless of whether growth cells are totally expelled, the repeat rate in patients who underwent finish surgical resection...