Cooling positronium with laser light for the first time

First step towards a matter-antimatter system that emits laser-like gamma-ray light.

BatMan’s laser-patterning process enhances battery capabilities

It could boost the performance and efficiency of electric vehicle batteries.

Pioneering experiment: Observ­ing macro­scopic quan­tum effects in the dark

Be fast, avoid light, and roll through a curvy ramp.

A new laser amplification that breaks the 10-petawatt limit

Tiled titanium:sapphire laser amplification.

Ultrafast laser technology to improve cancer treatment

More effective use of radiation therapy in oncology.

Quantum batteries: New battery tech that breaks causality

A new way to charge batteries harnesses the power of “indefinite causal order”.

New approach overcomes long-standing limitations in optics

A breakthrough in Mie scattering.

Quantum squeeze to make clocks more precise

The Environment's noise affects the stability of clocks. A pendulum's swing can become unbalanced by a slight wind. Furthermore, heat can cause an atomic...

High-harmonic probes to unravel the secrets of spin

Scientists probed the spin dynamics within a special material known as a Heusler compound.

High-performance ultrafast lasers that fit on a fingertip

The results show promise for developing photonic chip–based frequency combs.

A powerful physics phenomenon demonstrated

Study hints at new way to improve on spintronics for future tech.

New technique uses laser to slice semiconductors from diamonds

A pivotal step toward making diamonds a suitable semiconductor material for future technologies.

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