New technique uses laser to slice semiconductors from diamonds

A pivotal step toward making diamonds a suitable semiconductor material for future technologies.

Scientists discovered surprising properties of the cytoskeleton

"Hightech” materials from nature.

First snapshots of fermion pairs

JILA physicists make record-breaking measurement of a key electron property.

The new QKD system can transmit secure keys at unprecedented speeds

High-speed integrated QKD system.

New ways for exotic quasiparticles to “relax”

A perovskite-based device that combines aspects of electronics and photonics.

Smartphone screens can be used to map magnetic fields

Hand-held magnetic field imaging can used for construction safety & medical diagnostics.

A new tool reveals the electronic states of quantum materials

The origin of electronic states is found in designed materials.

A new quantum sensing method has the potential to improve greenhouse gas detection

A novel method for detecting & characterizing molecules with greater accuracy.

A switch made from a single molecule works up to 1,000,000 times faster

A special carbon molecule can function as multiple high-speed switches at once.

A liquid laser that is robust in air and tunable by wind

A tunable laser hat can be inkjet-printed.

New nanoscale 3D printing material could offer a better structural protection

The material offers better structural protection for satellites, drones, and microelectronics.

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