Sunday, March 26, 2023


Introducing bacteria to a tumor’s microenvironment converts immune cells to cancer killers

The research could lead to better treatments for people with advanced or previously untreatable cancers.

Study found a link between depression and immune response

Each study was quality checked and only high-quality studies were included.

New, biocompatible materials could improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy

Culinary arts techniques create new therapeutic materials.

Why lung cancer doesn’t respond well to immunotherapy?

The findings could help lead to the development of new ways to rev up the immune response to lung tumors.

EPFL scientists made a breakthrough in fighting against immunotherapy-resistant cancers

Drug combo breaks down cancer resistance to immunotherapy.

A novel immunotherapy combination as a possible treatment for pancreatic cancer

Targeting T cells and myeloid cells improved anti-tumor response and survival in preclinical models.

New protein to boost immunotherapy

A protein that can improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy drugs.

Cell patterns within tumors could help predict the efficiency of immunotherapy

New immunotherapy insights for kidney cancer.

New immunotherapy method turns active particularly in tumor

A chemical method for targeting the effects of cancer-fighting immunotherapy drugs.

Scientists studied the relation between obesity and cancer

A metabolic tug-of-war.

Scientists look to mathematics to make cancer treatment more effective

Scientists at the Pune-based National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have developed a mathematical model that promises to...

How protein fragments could help to tackle the cause of hay fever

Specialists at Imperial College London are researching new hay fever treatments in view of protein pieces from grass, which they have found can reduce...

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