New immunotherapy offers hope for autoimmune skin disorders

Molecular networks diverge to program distinct functions in CD8+ skin-resident memory T cells.

Beef and dairy nutrient boosts immune response to cancer

Trans-vaccenic acid reprograms CD8+ T Cells for anti-tumor immunity.

Promising phase II Results: New SCLC immunotherapy

Advancing care: Tarlatamab in previously treated SCLC.

Potent anti-leukemia approach: Making immunotherapy safe for AML

Eliminating the leukemia, sparing healthy cells.

Advancements in aggressive prostate cancer therapy

Enzalutamide improves recurrent prostate cancer prognosis.

Tiny protein therapy for peanut-allergic toddlers

Peanut allergy study in toddlers: Sublingual immunotherapy results.

Promising trial preserves bladders in advanced cancer

Gemcitabine, Cisplatin, and Nivolumab in bladder cancer: Phase 2 trial.

Less stress boosts T cells as cancer fighters

Sympathetic nerves linked to T cell exhaustion via β1-adrenergic receptor.

Exploring why some brain tumors don’t react to immunotherapy

Blocking immune checkpoints changes how brain tumors grow.

The fungus breaks down harmful food toxin

Isolating and characterizing filamentous fungi with patulin-degrading abilities.

Immunotherapy combo extends lives in metastatic melanoma

A new hope: Ipilimumab and Nivolumab for resistant melanoma.

Lorazepam treatment and poor pancreatic cancer outcomes

Pancreatic cancer survival and the IL6 response to Lorazepam.

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