Heart Attack

Heart attack symptoms differ for women

Signs of a heart attack in both men and women.

Illuminating Oxygen’s journey in the brain through a new imaging method

Scientists can now monitor changes in oxygen concentration continuously and in a wide area of the brain.

Cardiac arrest patients recall memories of death experiences

Awareness during resuscitation in cardiac arrest.

Scientists studying spider venom molecule for heart disease treatment

Spider venom heart drug a step closer.

Artery calcification is almost twice as common in night owls

The extreme evening chronotype may be linked.

Drones can help save more lives from sudden cardiac arrest

Drones enabled the use of defibrillators before ambulance arrival.

Reduced heart attack risk with traditional Chinese medicine

Heart attack patients benefit from traditional Chinese medicine (Tongxinluo).

Preventing coronary artery disease through gene discoveries

Genome-wide study uncovers coronary artery calcification insights.

Life expectancy may drop by 14 years with type 2 diabetes diagnosis at age 30

Type 2 diabetes diagnosis age & life expectancy: A 23-million-year study.

Case Western Reserve identifies esophageal cancer gene mutation

New genetic paradigm for esophageal adenocarcinoma risk.

Adding 3,000 daily steps reduces blood pressure in older people

Three thousand daily steps cut blood pressure in sedentary seniors with hypertension: e-health study.

Not getting enough sleep, whether in Seattle or anywhere else, can harm heart

Cardiovascular disease indicators and sleep irregularity: A Multi-Ethnic Study.

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