Researchers discovered a 265-million-year-old fossil of the oldest, largest predator

The stunning fossil includes a complete skull and some skeletal bones, such as ribs and arm bones.

Chicken Or Dinosaur? New fossil link in bird evolution

The new species exhibits a bizarre assembly of morphologies that are shared with other avialans.

Unveiling how plants evolved over the past billion years

Explore the evolutionary process of plants with this Nature Plants study.

Scientists reconstructed ‘fossil monster’ that lived half a billion years ago

Its surprising features include three eyes on the head.

The evolution of kangaroo locomotion

Kangaroos used alternative methods to hop.

Fossils of “primitive cousins of T rex” shed light on the end of the age of dinosaurs in Africa

The diversity of dinosaurs in Morocco at the end of the Cretaceous period.

Extremely rare sea spider fossils are closely related to living species

The modern sea spider had started to diversify by the Jurassic.

Scientists identified a 240-million-year-old fossil of a giant lizard-like creature

Scientists name new species of giant amphibian found in retaining wall.

Scientists identified the oldest known species of swimming jellyfish

505-million-year-old swimming jellyfish from the Burgess Shale highlights diversity in Cambrian ecosystem.

Newly discovered Archosaur species show that the ancestor of Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs was armored

Newly described 235-million-year-old fossil had armored plates above its backbone.

Large Pterosaurs were more nurturing than previously thought

Pterosaur giantism linked to increased parental care.

Joints disease is common among saber-tooth cats and dire wolves in Ice Age

Study finds surprisingly high incidence of osteochondrosis in these extinct predators.

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