Modern tech uncovers secrets of 250 million-year-old ‘Elgin Marvel’ fossil

Details of an ancient cousin of modern-day mammals have been revealed.

Ancient mystery of prehistoric salmon with front teeth

Paleontologists believe the teeth may have been used for defense, competitive fighting, or as digging tools.

A new great ape species lived in Germany 11 million years ago

First ever report of two ancient ape species cohabiting in Miocene Europe.

Stirring evolution: How Earth’s ancient sea creatures shaped change

This may have affected the distribution of important resources.

The Fascinating Growth Rates of Dinosaurs Revealed

High growth rates apparently a common feature among early Mesozoic animals.

The world’s oldest long-necked marine reptile

It is closely related to Dinocephalosaurus.

The oldest fossilized forest found along the Devon and Somerset coast

Earth’s earliest forest revealed in Somerset fossils.

200-million-year-old flying reptile discovered in Somerset

The animals either fell or their bones were washed into caves and cracks in the limestone.

The Megalodon was less mega than previously believed

Gigantic shark was slimmer than depictions in movies.

New evolution theory: Why animals shrink?

The study identified three distinct patterns of body-size change.

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