The oldest fossilized forest found along the Devon and Somerset coast

Earth’s earliest forest revealed in Somerset fossils.

A new genus and five new species of ‘alien-faced’ multi-legged forest dwellers discovered

These new species did not appear in earlier collecting of millipedes from the same area.

Simple mathematical rules can’t explain the complexity of forests

The way trees grow together do not resemble how branches grow on a single tree.

Pacific kelp forests have a much older origin than previously believed

The unique underwater kelp forests support a varied ecosystem.

Pathogenic fungi infecting the Eucalyptus snout beetle in Eucalyptus forest

Way to develop a bio-pesticide for controlling the beetle.

How capturing carbon in savannas can reduce global warming?

Grasses play an important role in capturing carbon in tropical savannas.

Balancing Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Food: A Trifecta

Scientists identify ways landowners in rural Brazil can find win-win situations, with biodiversity and farming.

Tropical trees rely on social distancing to preserve biodiversity

A key characteristic of the spatial distribution of adult trees.

Monkeys and pigs overrun Southeast Asia, posing health risks

Overpopulation of wild animals poses a dual threat to humans and the environment.

Rare palm species discovered that they flower underground

Palm family (Arecaceae) to flower and fruit almost entirely underground.

Modest moss can store billions of tons of carbon

Plant life absorbs & transforms greenhouse gases to combat climate change..

Carbon beneficial forest management using innovative wood

Innovative wood use can enable carbon-beneficial forest management in California

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