Each additional 1cm of waist measurement raises women’s infertility risk

Association between waist circumference and female infertility.

The association between assisted reproductive technologies and obesity

The associations between different fertility treatments and BMI in children.

NAD+ link to fertility problems uncovered by buck researchers

CD38 controls ovarian function and fertility through NAD+ metabolism.

Timing matters a lot when it comes to starting a family

Timing sexual activity for family planning: What you need to know?

Scientists grew human embryo without using sperm or egg

The human embryo models may shed new light on the embryo’s mysterious beginnings.

A healthy heart diet could reduce the probability of miscarriage

This dietary pattern is designed to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.

Protein safeguards for fertility preservation

Tejas: Key player in nuage assembly and precursor processing for drosophila piRNA biogenesis.

Neutering cats affect the population and feral, stray, and shelter subpopulations

A new mathematical model of UK cat populations suggests that neutering of cats that belong to people not only affects the population dynamics of...

Study links COVID infection and semen quality

Men experience a long-term drop in semen quality after COVID infection.

Y chromosome loss linked to increased cancer risk in men

Y chromosome loss helps cancer cells evade the immune system.

A highly effective non-hormonal male contraceptive

The study identifies this gene for the first time as being expressed only in testicular tissue.

A novel method to choose healthier sperm for Successful IVF

A more reliable process for selecting high-quality sperm.

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