Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Females supercharge sperm evolution, especially in animals

Sperm evolution becomes supercharged only when they swim inside females.

Scientists lifted fertility rates in older female mice

Reversing the reproductive clock in mice.

Mice can reproduce after space stints, study

The era where people can easily go into space is coming.

Unpacking the links between chronic stress, fertility and the ‘hunger hormone’

Chronic stress is a known suppressor of female reproductive function. However, attempts to isolate single causal links between stress and reproductive dysfunction have not...

Climate change could affect human fertility

Human health has always been influenced by climate and weather. Changes in climate and climate variability particularly changes in weather extremes, affect the environment...

Sperm of infertile men is healthy before it begins journey out of body, study

Infertility is a major public health issue. One couple in 6 is infertile across Europe1, with male infertility now being the biggest cause in...

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