Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Study reveals hostile conditions on Earth as life evolved

Ozone (O3), making up a tiny proportion of Earth's atmosphere by weight, is one of Earth's most essential molecules for life. Without a substantial...

Planets losing their puffy atmosphere and transforming into super-Earths

Worlds around other stars can change their classification.

Astronomers discovered gigantic planet hidden in plain sight

The gas giant is much closer to Earth than others like it.

Ironing out the interiors of exoplanets

The discovery of more than 4,500 extra-solar planets made it essential to model their interior structure and dynamics.

A team discovered a sub-Neptune exoplanet orbiting a red dwarf star

Eccentric exoplanet discovered.

Astronomers identified the first sign of a magnetic field surrounding exoplanet

The finding marks the first time such a feature has been seen on an exoplanet.

Astronomers spotted ultra-light and super-fast planet

Discovery of the sub-Earth planet.

Astronomers discovered an ultra-short-period planet with the makeup of Mercury

The boiling new world is among the lightest exoplanets found to date.

Astronomers discovered one of the most extreme ultrahot Jupiters

A newly discovered “ultrahot Jupiter” has the shortest orbit of any known gas giant.

A new method to study the environment of exoplanets

Indian Astronomers find new method to study environment of extrasolar planets using polarisation of light.

Rocky exoplanets are even stranger than we thought

A new astrogeology study suggests that most nearby rocky exoplanets are quite unlike anything in our Solar System

Chemicals in an exoplanet’s atmosphere can reveal oceans on distant worlds

It could reveal whether or not the temperature on its surface is too hot for liquid water.

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