Monday, September 26, 2022


Raindrops are remarkably similar across different planetary environments

Raindrops also keep fallin’ on exoplanets.

Formation of new atmosphere observed on a rocky exoplanet

The planet has a similar density, size, and age to those of Earth.

A new kind of microcomb on a chip could help discover exoplanets and detect diseases

Bringing advanced applications closer to reality.

Atmospheric pollution could be the sign of advanced extraterrestrial civilization

This study is the first time pollution has been examined as a possible technosignature.

First cloudless, Jupiter-like planet discovered

It completes a rotation around its star in just four-and-a-half days.

Astronomers for the first time directly captured polarized light from an exoplanet

This gives us unique insights into how such a planet and possible moons are formed.

The first radio emission detected from exoplanet

This radio detection opens up a new window on exoplanets, giving us a novel way to examine alien worlds that are tens of light-years away.

Hubble Identifies Strange Exoplanet That Behaves Like the Long-Sought “Planet Nine”

The 11-Jupiter-mass exoplanet called HD106906 b occupies an unlikely orbit around a double star 336 light-years away and it may be offering clues to...

Astronomers discovered a faint super-planet using a radio telescope

A first substellar object.

Stellar flares can reduce a planet’s habitability

New insights into the habitability of exoplanets.

This lava planet has supersonic winds, rocky rains

“Rocky” weather could change the surface and atmosphere over time on exoplanet K2-141b.

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