Exploring the mysterious case of the Inflated Exoplanet

Webb cracks case of inflated exoplanet

Scientists discovered an extraordinarily low-density giant planet

Its density similar to that of cotton candy.

Astrophysicist Discovers Fiery, Volcanic Planet 66 Light Years Away from Earth

UC Riverside's astrophysicist, Stephen Kane, has made a groundbreaking discovery. He has found a planet called HD104067.01 that is situated in a star system...

Webb Space Telescope detects atmosphere on Exoplanet 55 Cancri e

Researchers using the James Webb Space Telescope find evidence of atmospheric gases surrounding a rocky exoplanet.

A novel mechanism could unravel the mystery of decaying exoplanet orbits

Why some exoplanets are spiraling towards their stars?

Purple may be the new green for alien life, study

Unveiling the enigmatic purple worlds.

Unveiling the path to creating super-diamond

The significance is twofold.

Scientists identified carbon monoxide (CO)-runaway gap to identify habitable exoplanets

This gap is identified through atmospheric modeling.

Study of exoplanets: Neptune-like exoplanets can be cloudy or clear

New findings suggest the reason why.

Hubble Telescope detects water vapour in the atmosphere of smallest exoplanet GJ 9827d

Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have made a groundbreaking discovery in their search for exoplanets. For the first time, they have detected...

Old stars may be best place for finding alien neighbors

Astronomers peeked into a star's magnetic secrets.

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